Why you’re special.

Do you know why you’re so special?

Because out of the estimated 8 million species of animals currently in existence on this planet, which is also estimated to only be 10% of the total species yet to be discovered, your brain has the amazing ability to ask “why?”. You don’t have to settle for the life of a bird and fly south each winter because of instinct; you don’t have to settle for the life of a well trained dog that does what it’s told because it gets a treat; you don’t even have to settle for a life scared of fire because you think it’s magic or evil spirits. You can ask “why?”.

And not just that, you can discover the answer! You can discover why stars look like pinheads of light in the night sky with your own eye using geometry and trigonometry and quantum physics! You can share these adventures with others by learning different languages and cultures! You can do SO much in your life all because you have the innate ability to ask “why?”.

But this growth…this potential for amazing discoveries will only happen if you make the choice to ask that question. It will only happen when you challenge everything you’ve ever been taught as a child and discover for yourself whether evidence exists to support those pre-existing teachings. So ask!

Ask why the earth is spherical.

Ask why it takes light only 1 second to travel 186,000 miles.

Ask why the eastern and western hemispheres of this planet are slowly spreading apart from each other making the Atlantic Ocean a little wider every day; and then ask if there is evidence that they were ever touching!

Just ask “why?”!

And then watch as the wonders of this amazing universe make other parts of your amazing brain start to ask more questions and more questions until you finally realize that you will never, EVER, be able to learn it all.

But, if you can learn to work with others and not disparage or hate them for their beliefs, or the color of their skin, or the mistakes their parents or their parents’ parents made; if you choose to move past the age-old cry for damnation or torture or killing of those who may not think or believe or love the way you do; if you can also take these precepts and teach them to others, THEN…you can live a life knowing that those who continue after you are gone will take up the quest of asking “why?” which will break new ground in science and art and music and diversity and, and, and!…and that is the absolute BEST legacy anyone could possibly ever leave behind.

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