Why you’re special (part deax).

In addition to the fact that you beat over 100 million competitors in the race to the egg your mom had waiting for you, (great job!!), you were born with unlimited potential. And not because you are destined for greatness, or predetermined to have a certain path for your life, or cursed to repeat the mistakes of your forebears…but precisely due to the absence of all of those things.

You were born with a clear slate, a blank canvas. You were not born cursed, evil, tainted, blessed, anointed. You were simply born a champion. You won that race to the egg, and now you open your eyes every day with the option to accept your lot in life, or to live your life to the fullest. Life will deal you all sorts of hands ranging from preferable to painful, but you will choose whether or not they are “good” or “bad.” And if it doesn’t kill you, then it is a good hand because you may have just won another race, another battle, and you may be bleeding but you will still be breathing.

You only have one life, and this is it. There is no guarantee of an afterlife, but you are guaranteed this life now so go with what you know. Believe all you want about what happens after your heart stops, but don’t live your life hoping for the chance of a better one after this.

Find your passion and chase it.

Love yourself. Love your family, then your neighbors and your community. All in that order.

Be kind to others who cannot help themselves if you are able. They only have one life as well and they may have been dealt a less pleasant hand than you were. That doesn’t mean always “give them money or food,” but give them the knowledge that will enable them to get back in the game, and if they show determination and perseverance, then that is the time that considering material help will be beneficial to their success. Invest time and effort in someone to help them. Tossing them a few bills because you’re too busy is cowardly and impersonal and keeps you from growing as a human being.

Knowing how great you are and spreading that knowledge to another is the most empowering thing inside you. You are first among millions, as is your neighbor, your friend, your mate. As champions, settling for less than excellent is beneath us. Don’t miss the chance to live any moment to a lesser level of excellence.

Shrug off ancient dogmas keeping you in chains of mediocrity and slavery. Question everything you were taught as a child. Ask “why” every time you find yourself doing something simply because you have always done it that way.

You only live once, and that is it. That is all anyone truly knows. And you made it to this point. Against all odds you made it.

Don’t take this opportunity lightly.


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