DOMA and Prop 8

Okay, look. There are two issues when it comes to the current state of a marriage. One is the historical, mostly religious/cultural aspect which largely defines a marriage as a union between two individuals for the purpose of mating and providing offspring and future generations.

The other aspect, which only began around the time slaves were gaining their freedom roughly 160 years ago, centers around gaining the approval of the State to get legal protections and benefits as a union.

Originally, marriage licenses were designed to keep whites from marrying freed slaves who were “too black” which might create any offspring could have tainted the race. Later, States saw this as a nice way to increase revenue, so they implemented the process for every heterosexual couple wishing to have the blessing of the State.

Now, 160 years later, the marriage license has evolved from being SOLELY a permission slip from the government, (which is still ridiculous), into an avenue by which individuals may join together to receive the legal and tax benefits given to those in a marriage.

So when ya look at it, most Christians, (“Christ-like” i.e. loving, accepting, giving, etc…) are upset about a word. A silly little word that government adopted in order to tax its citizens. And you’re really, seriously going to get upset that a large group of individuals want to be taxed too??

Really??? Really….

Let’s move forward. If folks want to be taxed to get tax relief like you get, let ’em. It’s only American.

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