Don’t Be A Dick.

So most of you know that I had a stroke six years ago. When I was younger I used to make fun of people when they made mistakes because that’s what you did with your good friends because they know your sense of humor. But when I see people making fun of other people because of their disabilities it really pisses me off. Don’t do that.

I still cannot feel the right side of my body as much as I did before my stroke. Even now I am probably at 70% which makes it really difficult for me to play drums or play with my daughter or go shooting or go on a date. I still do my best to have a positive mental attitude and put a smile on my face when I meet with people, but it’s usually with a quasi-forced smile because I’m always in pain. But I still make sure to keep an open mind when hearing peoples’ opinions. We can disagree on things, I know a lot of you disagree with me about many things, but I always start conversations with the opinion that I am still part of our family. Stop making fun of people with disabilities. As we say in Team Rubicon, “don’t be a dick.”

So as we get closer to election day, just remember that we all have to live together after the election. Life will go on for most of us. We are all still neighbors. Win or lose, we are all still human beings. You all are my brothers and sisters. Start there and we can build a better future for our species.

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