Bring our troops home.

I truly had a life-changing time in my tours overseas. I am proud of my decision to join the US Navy. I am proud that I built bonds with brothers and sisters in uniform that will last a lifetime.

But looking back at the missions I was on, the friends I buried and the veterans that now have to live mangled and damaged from endless wars, I will continue to petition this government to bring our sons and daughters home. Our military deserves our respect for volunteering to protect us.

That’s “us”.

We, the People.

But “spreading democracy” around the world and forcing corporatism in the countries we conquer against the wishes of those countless other People makes us the Redcoats. We aren’t protecting America by killing innocent civilians with drone strikes and washing our hands with phrases like “collateral damage.” We aren’t the world’s police force, contrary to phrases espousing philosophies like “well, the world needs policing and we’re the ‘best’ choice.” In the back of my mind I was hoping that Obama really would bring about “change” in this arena, but he, like every other President, cowered before the might of Eisenhower’s warning of the “military industrial complex.”

If you truly are thankful for the service of our veterans, then contact your US Congressional representatives and tell them to stop sending our troops overseas for nation building and world policing. Bring our troops home. Bring our children and husbands and wives and fathers and mothers home.

It is beyond time for that.

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