Bring our troops home.

I truly had a life-changing time in my tours overseas. I am proud of my decision to join the US Navy. I am proud that I built bonds with brothers and sisters in uniform that will last a lifetime.

But looking back at the missions I was on, the friends I buried and the veterans that now have to live mangled and damaged from endless wars, I will continue to petition this government to bring our sons and daughters home. Our military deserves our respect for volunteering to protect us.

That’s “us”.

We, the People.

But “spreading democracy” around the world and forcing corporatism in the countries we conquer against the wishes of those countless other People makes us the Redcoats. We aren’t protecting America by killing innocent civilians with drone strikes and washing our hands with phrases like “collateral damage.” We aren’t the world’s police force, contrary to phrases espousing philosophies like “well, the world needs policing and we’re the ‘best’ choice.” In the back of my mind I was hoping that Obama really would bring about “change” in this arena, but he, like every other President, cowered before the might of Eisenhower’s warning of the “military industrial complex.”

If you truly are thankful for the service of our veterans, then contact your US Congressional representatives and tell them to stop sending our troops overseas for nation building and world policing. Bring our troops home. Bring our children and husbands and wives and fathers and mothers home.

It is beyond time for that.

Don’t Be A Dick.

So most of you know that I had a stroke six years ago. When I was younger I used to make fun of people when they made mistakes because that’s what you did with your good friends because they know your sense of humor. But when I see people making fun of other people because of their disabilities it really pisses me off. Don’t do that.

I still cannot feel the right side of my body as much as I did before my stroke. Even now I am probably at 70% which makes it really difficult for me to play drums or play with my daughter or go shooting or go on a date. I still do my best to have a positive mental attitude and put a smile on my face when I meet with people, but it’s usually with a quasi-forced smile because I’m always in pain. But I still make sure to keep an open mind when hearing peoples’ opinions. We can disagree on things, I know a lot of you disagree with me about many things, but I always start conversations with the opinion that I am still part of our family. Stop making fun of people with disabilities. As we say in Team Rubicon, “don’t be a dick.”

So as we get closer to election day, just remember that we all have to live together after the election. Life will go on for most of us. We are all still neighbors. Win or lose, we are all still human beings. You all are my brothers and sisters. Start there and we can build a better future for our species.

Sun-day #2

In the English language, March was originally the first month of the year and is named after the god Mars. If you count March as number one you will notice that September through December all have months that start with Latin roots (e.g. Septem-7, Octo-8, Novem-9, Decem-10), and the other months are named after other mythological deities and two Roman Ceasars: Janus, Februalis, Mars, Aprilis, Maya, Juno, Julius Ceasar and Augustus Ceasar.

Similarly, the days of the week are named for Germanic/Norse/Roman deities aside from the first two days named for the Sun and Moon: Sun’s Day, Moon’s Day, Tiw’s Day, Wodan’s Day, Thor’s Day, Frigga’s Day, Saturn’s Day.

Finally we come to the macro timeline where the writers of Caucasian history decided to use the blossoming christian mythology to split its written history into two parts: Before Christ, B.C., and the Latin “In the year of our Lord, “anno domini, A.D.

Since roman mythology paid homage to the yearly sun cycle and seasons, they celebrated with feasts around the Spring Equinox as it signaled the end of the cold weather (defeating death) and the coming planting season (creating life). Particular to most cultures was waiting for the moon to finish its own cycle so that the most important things in the sky would both be in agreement that Spring was officially in full swing. It is during this time that flowers have begun to bloom and open up, which is why this month is called “April” (to open…see the Spanish “abra la puerta” – “open the door”). The week leading up to that full moon would be celebrated by Romans carrying Palm and Pine trees through the streets in anticipation of the coming harvest and life-giving food supplies. Often palm leaves would remain in the streets after having been paraded around during the celebrations. (Please note that these traditions only made sense in the northern hemisphere where the temperatures would be getting warmer, thus “Spring.”)

Taking all of this into account, you now know the history of the traditions that lead up to Easter (or Ostra, Ostara, Eoster, or any other pagan goddess name you like). And it is quite clear to see how Constantine shrewdly assimilated conquered cultures by moving his mythological holidays to match those of the conquered. And since Easter is the christian holiday celebrating defeat of death and the promise of new life, and since the sun’s-day had evolved to be the day of worship for christians, Easter was eventually established to be on the first Sun-day after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

And now you hopefully know a little more. 🙂

DOMA and Prop 8

Okay, look. There are two issues when it comes to the current state of a marriage. One is the historical, mostly religious/cultural aspect which largely defines a marriage as a union between two individuals for the purpose of mating and providing offspring and future generations.

The other aspect, which only began around the time slaves were gaining their freedom roughly 160 years ago, centers around gaining the approval of the State to get legal protections and benefits as a union.

Originally, marriage licenses were designed to keep whites from marrying freed slaves who were “too black” which might create any offspring could have tainted the race. Later, States saw this as a nice way to increase revenue, so they implemented the process for every heterosexual couple wishing to have the blessing of the State.

Now, 160 years later, the marriage license has evolved from being SOLELY a permission slip from the government, (which is still ridiculous), into an avenue by which individuals may join together to receive the legal and tax benefits given to those in a marriage.

So when ya look at it, most Christians, (“Christ-like” i.e. loving, accepting, giving, etc…) are upset about a word. A silly little word that government adopted in order to tax its citizens. And you’re really, seriously going to get upset that a large group of individuals want to be taxed too??

Really??? Really….

Let’s move forward. If folks want to be taxed to get tax relief like you get, let ’em. It’s only American.