Freedom of Speech

Regarding Gwen Berry, the athlete that turned her back on the anthem. And, yes, I know this will upset some of you. But I don’t care.

It’s called freedom of speech. Freedom of speech doesn’t just apply when the majority of people don’t want you to have freedom of speech. It applies always. Including if someone wants to yell out “fire“ in a crowded theater. (SCOTUS be damned.) That would be a dick move, but that person will probably not be allowed back in again and rightly so.

While I, as a military veteran of three tours overseas, don’t appreciate her actions I can respect them. I put my life on the line for her right to be a dick. That’s called freedom. She wasn’t putting anybody else’s life in danger, so if that’s how she wants to protest then I’m OK with it.

Why is there a national anthem again? Didn’t we get out from under the thumb of the Crown so we could start a new country free from dogmas and superstitions? Why do we have compulsory pledges to a flag in our public schools? (I know why, but do you?)

So, yeah… If she wants to do that, OK. We live in a partly free country. (But that’s something I will be addressing in my book.) But if you’re going to be upset about something, how about we stop bailing out banks, sending our troops overseas to help the banks get more power, stop setting one set of laws for one demographic while the wealthy demographics have a different set of laws, stop having different rules for drug users when cocaine gets you 10% of the time of a crack user, stop sending our troops to VA centers that don’t give a crap about the veterans, etc etc etc.

But yeah, totally be more upset about a US citizen protesting at a fucking game.

My Life Rules

Always have a plan. Just remember that Murphy always shows up so…

“Imodadov.” Improvise, modify, adapt, and overcome. “Semper Gumby.”

Success triad: situational awareness, managing fear, and functional movement. (SPEAR)

Always split on aces and eights

Never give up & never surrender, unless you choose someone else’s life or safety over your own.

Never lie, cheat, or steal.

Never trust anyone unless they’ve earned it.

Murphy’s three statuses: SNAFU (Situation normal, all fouled up), TARFU (Things are really fouled up), and FUBAR (Fouled up beyond all recognition.)

Triple check every communiqué before you send it to make sure that your intentions are clear so no SNAFUs pop up.

Safety is never a permanent state of affairs.

Utilize speed, surprise, and violence of action in every interaction. (SPEAR)

Never put your car in park at an ATM.

Don’t be a SNIOP: Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People. – Zig Ziglar

If you give someone a gift then the gift is gone. Never ask to have it back.

The Three D’s: Detect, Defuse, Defend (SPEAR)

Make sure your passion isn’t your sickness.

Value loyalty above all else

“What comes out of your mouth is determined by what goes into your mind.” – Zig Ziglar

Use your wit to amuse, not abuse.

There’s a difference between “martial arts” and fighting. Know the difference.

Never say “I don’t care.”

Just because you know something it doesn’t mean you have to share it with everybody else.

Racist v Bigot

Due to the popular flow of the racial current being washed over the airwaves right now, I find myself hoping that people know there is a difference between a bigot, a narrow minded person with intolerant views of others, and a racist, an individual who believes themselves to be superior to another person based on their race.

For example, I am a bigot. I am very intolerant of racists and I think they are the scum of the earth and should not be allowed to reproduce. We don’t need more racists, we need none.

That makes me a bigot. Any objections?


Ergo, a racist is a bigot, but a bigot is not necessarily a racist.

End of message.

Ok, listen…

Simply because you “believe” a certain way it does not mean that you should belittle others who “believe“ a different way. I do post funny sayings or memes from time to time, but does that mean that I am trying to belittle those who think a different way? No.

Just remember that we are all humans, and those who have “power“ over us like pushing buttons to make us hate one another. Whether that is playing games with our emotions or our passions or our lifestyles, do not let those people fill you with resentment or hate. That’s how they win, and that is how we lose.

Go check out the picture below. If we all start there we can start to break the chains that hold us down.

Semper Fortis.