Random thought: numeral one

I have always prided myself on being quite adept with symbology, (“…symbolism, what is the ssssssssymbolism there”…ah, Special Agent Smecker), but since the first time I was introduced to the concept of greater than/less than concepts, they still elude me. And one of my favorite teachers ever, Mrs. Lindsay at Cair-Paravel Latin School in Topeka, Kansas taught me a trick so that I could do my schoolwork without having to fail.

The trick is this: see each symbol as a shark mouth that wants to eat dinner with one bite instead of having to catch a bunch of other fish just for the same nutritious values. I even drew little teeth in order to get the concept down in my head. To this day it takes me a little bit longer when I see a mathematical equation with those symbols, but now I can still get the concept in my head because of a great teacher who took the time to teach me a different way to look at a problem. Thank you, ma’am.

My first blog post

It has been four years since my stroke, (my medically induced stroke due to negligence on the doctor’s part…more on that later), and I feel like I can now write about my experiences from that. I will be pulling from the DayOne journal app that I started using as well as my own comments and thoughts. This is obviously redundant but this is MY blog so, yeah. Deal.

For the record: I am a sailor. I am a sailor from the U.S. Navy. Ergo, vis-à-vis, concordantly, I will not censor my speech here. If you don’t like it, don’t read it anymore, (that means stop NOW before your feelings get hurt), don’t share, and don’t complain. And I ascribe to the school of the Oxford comma, so deal with that as well. I mean, seriously, the only reason people like to drop that comma is because some newspaper editors wanted to save on ink in order to keep the greedy, (albeit frugal and smart), investors happy. Welcome to the Internet! No need to save on ink. For fuck’s sake…

At times you’ll notice that I will have to stop in the middle of a wicked story because my brain shuts down and I can no longer formulate words in my brain. At times like that a post may suddenly stop. But don’t fret, just anxiously await for the one that should be coming up on the following day unless something happens.

For example: I’m too tired to continue. Have a great night, or morning if you are reading this on the other side of the globe.