Pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional.

A. Excellent job, Dallas Morning News, of playing the race card. It doesn’t matter the race of a student, our US Constitution applies to every citizen unless said citizen decides to break a law that keeps them from having that right anymore. Stop being a tabloid newspaper, if you’re able. But by looks of things, the amount of advertisements that you have to place on your website, I guess it’s understandable. Good day.

B. Dear Ken, pull your head out. US law trumps Texas law every time until the former is amended. This is probably why you’re not actually the governor. Thankfully. I actually wrote a letter to the Texas governor about this issue as well as the fact that the Texas constitution requires everyone to have a faith. (I guess we atheists have no rights. But that’s for another day.) Moving on.

I remember in high school we had a foreign exchange student from England. On our first day of school this student politely stood and did not interrupt our morning ritual and the rest of us did our thing. This included the pledge of allegiance, the pledge to the christian flag, the pledge to the bible, and the morning prayer. And I was the student body chaplain. (Hehe…those were the days.) This was not acceptable for our US government teacher who lambasted the student in front of the entire class and had all of us sit down until he took her to the headmaster’s office. (Yes, we actually had a headmaster…and our mascot was the Patriot…at a school called Lexington Academy. Imagine the horror for this student from England! I bet she was calling us “colonists” the entire year behind our backs. Legitimately.) Anyway…Eventually, it was reasoned out that since she was not a US Citizen, she would not have to actually recite the POA out loud, but would still have to stand politely out of respect. Which she was doing anyway. (Patriarchy!)

Now, at face value this looks like a cut and dry case of a State AG forcing his beliefs on others, which it actually is. But now that the idea has been broached by a meddling newspaper, this has the potential of bringing Federal attention. And that can be a bigger issue. Bad Dallas Morning News, bad.

Random thought: numeral one

I have always prided myself on being quite adept with symbology, (“…symbolism, what is the ssssssssymbolism there”…ah, Special Agent Smecker), but since the first time I was introduced to the concept of greater than/less than concepts, they still elude me. And one of my favorite teachers ever, Mrs. Lindsay at Cair-Paravel Latin School in Topeka, Kansas taught me a trick so that I could do my schoolwork without having to fail.

The trick is this: see each symbol as a shark mouth that wants to eat dinner with one bite instead of having to catch a bunch of other fish just for the same nutritious values. I even drew little teeth in order to get the concept down in my head. To this day it takes me a little bit longer when I see a mathematical equation with those symbols, but now I can still get the concept in my head because of a great teacher who took the time to teach me a different way to look at a problem. Thank you, ma’am.